Summer Dresses and Fourth of July Sales

Yesterday, while running around grabbing photos for a story I’m working on, my shoes decided that it would be the perfect time to rip. Ironically, it happened near Michigan Avenue so my quest for new shoes began almost immediately.  Long story short, I couldn’t find any shoes in my size, but I did end up […]

Pineapple Print

Over the past couple of days, Chicago has been experiencing a pretty intense heatwave which means it’s the perfect time to break out my pineapple print. Yes, I own multiple clothing and accessories featuring pineapple. I mean, it’s my favorite fruit, so why not show my love for it on my clothing? While pineapple print is […]

Off The Shoulder Blouses

Close up of off the shoulder top and pants

We did it. It’s officially summer, at least as far as Chicago’s weather is concerned. Words cannot begin to describe how much joy I had in putting away my winter clothing. Of course, I used my joy as an excuse to go on a summer shopping spree last weekend with a couple of friends. Unless you’ve […]