My name is Benita Gingerella and I’m a recent college graduate and now freshman in life residing in Chicago. I started blogging while studying abroad in Rome during the spring semester of my junior year at Loyola University Chicago. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with blogging and decided to create a new blog for my adventures back in the states.

This blog is intended to serve as an outlet for my writing and as a place where I can share my interests, tips, sass, and awkward encounters. In a nutshell, I’d describe it as a millennial lifestyle blog with a hint of Chicago mixed in, but if you’re a fan of detail, read below for an in depth explanation of each of my blog’s categories. And yes, 1-2 sentences does count as in depth.


I’ve lived in Chicago now for 10 years and feel as though I have enough street cred to share some of my favorite things to eat, see, and do in the city. Also, since I’m a poor 20-something, a vast majority of these things will be cheap (but fun).


One of my many loves. If anything, this blog will give me more of an excuse to shop so I can share my findings here.


Coming from an Italian family, it’s only natural that I share some of my favorite recipes that my family and I have created.